We are totally flocking towards golden, feather jewelry. It brings a boho, mystical and artsy aura to your style. Shop our admired golden feather jewelry below. All pieces are dainty and delicate, and go beautifully with other minimal accessories.

Floating Feather Hoop Earrings. Who can resist this mini hoop hugger with a feather charm?

Feather Print Necklace. A long necklace showcasing an ethereal, feather print.

Polished Feather Ring. A truly wanderlust and unique ring.

Good Spirits Dangle Earrings. Get up and go in these full of life feather dangle earrings.

Feather Y-Necklace. A whimsical lariat necklace that will have you feeling free as a bird.

Two-tone Feather Threader Earrings. If your’e a fan of the minimal threader you’ll love this delicate two-tone feather style.

Light as a Feather Necklace. Go boho with this single feather pendant necklace.

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