We are fond of 14K gold plated jewelry for many reasons! It gives you the look of gold filled jewelry without having to spend a fortune, and it lends itself to being more sensitive ear friendly. Also, gold plated jewelry comes in more styles and selections while lasting over a long period of time. What’s not to love? Check out our top 14K gold plated selection below!

Wanderful Triangle Threader Earrings. A delicate threader earring with two mini triangles interwoven.

Curved Bar Necklace. More than your standard necklace, this curved bar necklace has tiny crystal stones details for a sparkly effect.

Boldly Gold Ring. A gold statement ring that is certain to become an outfit essential.

Outdo Square Drop Earrings. An all time favorite, these square drops will never leave your ears!

One and Only Layered Y-Chain Necklace. A double layered necklace that is both functional and stylish.

Arrows Down Dangle Earrings. Wanting more than a gold stud? These 14K gold plated earrings are bold while still feeling barely there.

No Greater Love Earrings. These crystal v-shaped studs pair nicely with other small studs for multiple piercings and serve as a unique earring for single piercings.

The Golden Link Bracelet. This gold, dainty bracelet compliments all who wear it.

Party Favors Double Layered Necklace. This fun, double layered beauty will have you as the life of the part.

Neoteric Stone Ring. Dress it up or wear it by itself- it’s all up to you.

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