There’s so many different trends going on this summer! We picked three accessories trends that we thought you would like to try and shared some of our looks below. We’d love to know what trends you’re all about this summer. Let us know in the comments below!

Bursts of Neon. We are all for this 80s trend coming back because who doesn’t love a little bright color to liven up their wardrobe? If you’re not sure you want to go all out neon, try incorporating this trend with neon hair accessories or even neon colored jewelry.

Droplet Wonder Dangle Earrings , Satin Swing Oversized Srunchie
Spiral Hair Ties | Unicorn Purple , Spiral Hair Ties | Unicorn Pink , Spiral Hair Ties | Unicorn Teal
Lavender Drops , Twist of Purple Fate Ring

Layering Chain Necklaces. Chain necklaces are quite the hot item this summer. They bring a classic but edgy aura to your style. We added dainty charm necklaces to create a layered chic effect.

Overawe Large Chain Link Necklace , Jolie Circle Pendant Necklace , Moonglade Necklace
Black Sun Necklace , In the Know Chain Necklace , Interlocking Circles Necklace

Natural Elements. Nature and outdoors are in the influence behind this trend. Wearing wood and wicker accessories gives your outfit a different dimension that metal and plastic accessories can’t resemble.

Let in the Light Drop Earrings
Aves Pendant Necklace

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