Think shades of ivory, cream and blush mixed with earthy tones. Now combine that with lace and delicate fabric and you’ll get vintage style. It’s romantic with a unique expression. If you’re looking to add to your vintage vibes consider accessorizing with gold accents and warm notes of color. Check out these 10 vintage looks and let us know what is your number one pick!

Look 1 // Lets Link Up Dangle Earrings , Sunset Circle Necklace

Look 2 // Shine On Ring , Solitary Simplicity Gem Stone Ring , Coral Blossom Ring

Look 3 // Princess of the Isle Earrings , Feather Print Necklace

Look 4 // Lightweight Tie Scarf | Fairfield Striped , Dangling Diamond Earrings

Look 5 // On the Wire Dangle Earrings , Dragon Fly Necklace , Keepsake Lock Necklace

Look 6 // Golden Diamond Dangle Earrings , Small Spiral Hoop Earrings , Interlocking Circles Necklace

Look 7 // Garden Basket Tote

Look 8 // On the Go Hook Earrings , The Royal Ring , Finger Things Ring

Look 9 // Wishing Well Plate Earrings , Brexley Bracelet

Look 10 // Tabitha Teardrop Earrings , Through Thick and Thin Necklace , Around We Go Necklace

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