Many of us here at LOVODA have sensitive ears. We completely understand the struggle of wanting to wear cute earrings, but not being able to because of what they are made of. Here are our top 10 favorite hypoallergenic picks! All are either 14K or 18K gold plated over stainless steel.

1. Boss Bar Status Earrings. It’s all in the name, a perfect minimal bar earring.

2. Arrow Tail Earrings. These earrings are a great everyday pair.

3. Slendor Ear Jacket Earrings. Unique and lightweight, you can dress them up or down.

4. Embrace Different Necklace. A different take on the traditional circle outline necklace.

5. Through Thick and Thin Necklace. You can wear this double-layered choker as a stand alone piece or with other longer necklaces.

6. Flying V Necklace. It’s edgy while being barely there.

7. Dance Around Bangle. A bangle that adds just what your outfit is missing

8. Always a Dreamer Bracelet. Many gold beads join together to form such a delicate piece.

9. Sweet and Simple Ring Set. You can wear one or wear them all together. It all depends on your mood!

10. Veria Beaded Ring. This ring looks great on any finger or with any outfit.

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