Combine functionality, light weight fabric, tailored seams, neutral tones and you’ll get utility style. It’s a fun and fashionable way of looking like you’re on an expedition without actually being on one. There are a couple major components to consider when styling your utility outfit.

Wicker & Wood:

Rising Sun Wood Lariat Necklace , Wicker Disc Drop Earrings | Dark , Simplistic Spring Woven Hand Bag | Dark Brown
Woven Orb Pull Necklace , Wicker Orb Dangle Earrings , Wondrous Woven Crossbody | Light Brown
Bold Gold Drop Earrings , Moon Melodies Layered Necklace
Cypress Drop Wood Earrings , Harmonic Light Linked Necklace

Safari Stripes:

Sunset Circle Necklace , Safari Square Drop Earrings | White Stripe

Leaves & Greens:

Nature Leaf Hoop Earrings | Clear , Nature Leaf Hoop Earrings | Amber , Get to Work Necklace
Emerald Forrest Circle Earrings , Veria Beaded Cord Necklace | Gold , Dulaney Tassel Earrings | Green

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