We have to admit the standard single piercing is timeless; yet there’s something so alluring, edgy, and fun about multiple piercings. We’ve been getting questions about how to style multiple piercings and even have been playing around with different combinations here at the office. We decided to put together a few combinations that we ourselves love and give a little advise on how to create your own.

Consider Asymmetry: I’m a sucker for consistency and everything matching, but who says each ear has to have the same earring?

Dainty Gold Hoop , Delicate Diamond Mini Hoop , Glamour Ring Mini Hoop
Dainty Gold Hoop , Perfect Duo Stone , Mini Needle Drop

Pick a Small Hoop or Hoops: Hoops are wonderful. You can use a single hoop like this –

Gold Mini Bar , Mini Crystal Rear Drop , Dainty Gold Hoop

or even put them together as we did here :

Shine Down , Must Have Hoop , Vine Hoop

Choose a Stone or Crystal: Crystal diminishes the “too much metal” by providing a little shimmer.

Delicate Diamond Mini Hoop , Pixum Round Stone , Glamour Stone

Use Different Shapes: Rather than having two or three of the same shape in a row and looking redundant, integrating different shapes creates more of an artistic design

Geometric Shapes , Small Stone , Mini Wize

Incorporate Your Personality: Don’t forget to add your own flare! If you love color add some color, if you love the outdoors then include something that reflects that. Just remember to have fun. If you’re one with the zodiac, include your zodiac symbol like we did below!

Delicate Diamond , Dainty Gold , Mini Crystal Tear Drop , Taurus Zodiac

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